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Gedalia’s essential oil gathering inspired great conversation in the company of several great women last Saturday. We were all energized from each others’ stories and shares about the power of essential oils at Sally B’s Skin Yummies- a local organic skin care company that specializes in making skin care with pure grade essential oils. I also learned about a women’s homeless shelter in Atlanta , City of Refuge, that I look forward to connecting with. You may also want to check it out.

If you’ve missed this event there’s another one coming up in just a few weeks ( see below for details).

Speaking of the power of oils. My husband came home last night with the full-blown flu- aches, back hurt, legs hurt, and was down for the count to bed.

Here’s what worked naturally within 24 hours!

Layered two drops each of peppermint, eucalyptus and lavender with fractionated coconut oil on David’s back ( just to the side of the spinal column- not on the boney part). David drank fresh ginger tea with lemon and honey- He drank a full glass of coconut water a few times before bedtime- and ate a fresh raw garlic sandwich between two pieces of G/F raisin toast which Gedalia made for him. Lastly layered the oils one more time before bed ( had to wake him to do all this). This morning he is working and is 60% percent back to himself along with doing the same routine today. Now left to himself he would have taken ibuprofen ( which I actually hid) and discovered that ibuprofen and aspirin are actually the worst remedies one can take when ill with the flu. In an article from the New York Times it states that taking pain relievers during the flu may amplify disease transmission-  Read the article here;

Essential oils ( therapeutic grade)  have antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic, properties and they easily enter the bloodstream with their highly oxygenating molecules to combat viruses. They are free radical scavengers. Imagine a pac man bobbling up viruses and bacteria. Having the highest frequency of any substance on the planet, essential oils are reliable sources for conditions like flu, colds, respiratory health, immune support and both physical/emotional pain. Read more about the power of essential oils in the vibrational chapter of “Enough Drugs! I Am A Woman And Can Heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your best.”

** This information does not replace what your doctor recommends  It simply provides alternatives.



The Yoga Collective

Address: 1085 Alco St NE, Atlanta, GA 30324
Date: Sunday, March 25th 1-2pm
Gedalia Genin PhD Natural Health Expert and Ayurvedic Consultant will share healthy options for Spring using essential oils and other Ayurvedic tips.
First five attendees will receive Gedalia’s recently published book FREE- ” Enough Drugs! I Am A Woman And Can Heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your best.
Books will be available for signing.
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