Astragalus- Supporting Immune

So we all know about the great benefits of echinacea when it comes to respiratory and immune function. To maximize these benefits it is recommended to begin echinacea a few months in advance. Like most herbs it takes time for the body to adapt and repair. It is not like a drug that works overnight on the symptom and does not address the cause.

Today I would like to introduce to you the herb Astragulus . It is a root that is highly recommended to prepare for the flu season as it acts as a tonic to protect the immune system. It also aids adrenal gland function and increases digestion and metabolism, promotes healing, and provides energy to combat fatigue and prolonged stress. It increases stamina. Don’t we all need that?? Good for colds, flu and immune deficiency related problems, including AIDS, cancer and tumors. Effective for chronic lung weakness.