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 by Heidi Weber

I have used energy healers throughout my life. As I entered my 60s, I was feeling stressed and a bit stuck trying to make decisions and navigate the future as a single woman. Desiring to love and encourage who I am, I returned to researching Ayurveda and found Gedalia. I intuitively knew I needed health guidance and energy rebalancing and was surprised at how powerful her energy practices are. I experienced profound relaxation and the release of blockages during the Marma session, which created a shift with space for healing and overall wellbeing. She also helped with a diet plan for energy and daily rituals for selfcare. While many women already know this, there are many who put other priorities first and need to be reminded how important it is to nourish yourself spiritually and physically. Gedalia is an incredible healer in this regard. I will look forward to future marma sessions with her - highly recommend!

 by Christine Yarbrough
Wonderful Experience!

I never heard of Marma until finding Gedalia online. I had the pleasure of working with Gedalia for the first time today long distance. She embodies the art of healing, and I was genuinely pleased with the results. Gedalia is truly and amazingly gifted. As someone who teaches anatomy and physiology, I can appreciate the healing energy she uses to allow the body to function the way it is designed.

 by Donna Denning
I’ll never forget...

I’ve moved away from the area but I’ll never forget the kindness Gedalia showed me as she helped me through the grieving process when I suddenly lost my brother, Val, in February, 2012. I was so overwhelmed with grief that I could not be convinced that I would recover. People come into your life for a reason. Gedalia was there to guide me through the pain using Marma. I’ve learned that you may never completely recover from profound grief. However, through Grace, and with the aid of Healers like Gedalia, you slowly learn how to live with the loss. I am so appreciative of Gedalia’s willingness to share the Love she holds within when I was most in need of it. I miss our Marma sessions but I am so grateful that you came into my life when you did. As I mentioned, I’ll never forget the kindness and the help you gave me. Thank you. 🙏🏻

 by Anna
Great Results

I was fortunate enough to receive a consultation and marma energy work from Gedalia. I have been struggling with grief, weight gain, lethargy, acne, and bloating for a few months. During our consultation, Gedalia gave me great guidance on my diet and even gave me a morning ritual to follow based on my dosha constitution. I immediately felt much more energized and balanced after following it. I even went for a 10-mile bike ride and wasn't sore at all the next day (which is really unusual for me!) After a few days of following her advice, I had a long distance marma energy session and literally felt a powerful wave through my chest. I physically felt my heart open and release all that I had been holding on to. I feel much more connected to my body and the higher power. I'm beyond thankful for Gedalia's guidance on my spiritual journey!

 by Miriam
Perfect timing for Ayurveda Consultation

I had the pleasure of consulting Gedalia to better understand how best to incorporate Ayurvedic principles into my lifestyle with the goal of connecting my mind, body, and spirit through intentional eating and self care. Gedalia provided me with a detailed and tailored consultation based on my dosha and was able to provide practical recommendations for how best to begin incorporating Ayurveda into my routine. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind, approachable, and dedicated to supporting people on their journey to holistic wellness. I even got her book and plan to work closely with her on my journey to self actualization which nutrition and self care are an intrinsic part of. Thank you Gedalia!

 by CA
Highly recommended

Gedalia is an amazing and gifted healer. She has also become a trusted guide and educator. As a client and a health professional, it was clear early on that she is deeply experienced and a practitioner with tremendous professionalism and integrity. Her nurturing care, clarity and highly refined healing shifted my health and life.
Her sessions and individualized work reach profound levels, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual, all that bring a truly holistic healing. A health concern brought me to Gedalia. She is one of the few practitioners who is able to address issues at their root cause and create real change. I am so grateful for Gedalia and the recognizable and genuine restoration in my life. Her sessions opened a deeper sense of self, empowered change, connection to intrinsic resources, authentic strength, self-care and greatly improved health. Gedalia is very highly recommended and valuable to anyone on a healing journey.

 by Pm

I’m so grateful for Gedalia. I began working with Gedalia when I was experiencing an enormous amount of grief from the loss of my mother. My mother passed many years ago so when I began experiencing overwhelming sadness I didn’t even recognize it as grief until Gedalia and I had our first conversation. It was her intuitive nature and insight that helped me name my pain and begin the process of healing. Prior to our sessions I was unable to focus and my emotions were unpredictable all of which led to a feeling of helplessness. After a few sessions with Gedalia, I was so much more grounded, focused and was able to experience balanced emotions. Her gifts are incredible and I’ve been able to heal and prosper since working with her. I can smile and laugh again and look forward to a bright future with much more clarity and peace. I’m ever so grateful for her healing gifts and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of her gifts.

 by Marianne
Lovely results from Marma

I saw Gedalia for the first time a few months ago, and the results have been amazing! It’s hard to wrap my head around the shift that’s taken place in my heart and mind! I had been dealing with thoughts of pain and hurt from the rejection I felt from from a loved one who was recently deceased.

Those thoughts have been replaced with love and acceptance for myself, and forgiveness for my loved one. And in the absence of that dark / stuck energy, it almost seems like a vacuum has been created and more light and love than I’ve felt in a long time seems to be suddenly flowing into my life. It’s quite beautiful!

 by Lauren
Wonderful session

I enjoyed my healing session with Gedalia. I've never had energy work quite like it. She has a wonderful healing gift.

 by Anonymous
Amazing Healer

I was suffering from high anxiety due to financial stress. It felt like I was having a panic attack. I happen to be seeing Gedalia and within 30 minutes I felt calm and more centered. She knew exactly what to do to relieve my anxiety. Amazing Healer.

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