I’ve helped hundreds of women eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, improve hormonal imbalance, and weight loss.  By awakening the body’s healing potential and increasing energy flow women feel grounded, have improved sleep, feel unburdened emotionally, lose weight naturally,  feel vitality, increased creativity, and a renewed sense of well being. 

As a mind-body therapist/energy healer, I focus on unblocking and increasing energy flow with a rare anti-aging healing modality called ” Marma”. Marma is a hands-on therapy (with the client fully clothed) using acupressure points, essential oils, gemstones, sound-Tibetan bowls and ends with Polarity therapy. All the benefits of Acupuncture with no needles.

How can I help you return to vibrant health and inner peace?


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Recent Testimonials

by David Schendowich on Gedaliah
Thank You for writing this book

I have read several health related self-help books which over promise and under deliver. This book stands out from other body, mind spirit self help/alternative health books - it's practical, inspiring and not too long. The five chapters share researched-based information as well as client anecdotes and author's personal stories. It's a must... Read More

by Connie Garcia. on Gedaliah
Marma Therapy

I have no words to describe how Marma Therapy has changed and improved my life. A few months ago, I would say more than a year ago; I visited Gedalia's office looking for help as I was trying to find myself again. I did not make a mistake when I requested her assistance, she gave me so many healthy tips and valuable information on how to ... Read More

by Arin on Gedaliah
Boundless Energy!

Gedalia is a master at what she does! I've had the opportunity to work with her twice as a patient. Each time the effect is a little different, but has a profound effect on the rest of my day (and the week to come!) The first time I saw her, it was the day before the anniversary of my son's passing. After I left, I felt such a serenity and... Read More

by Susan on Gedaliah
Marma supports wellness

I was treated for a loss of stamina and vitality (after tapering off of a long-term antidepressant) by Gedaliah over the course of several Marma treatments. I found that my physical and psychological health gradually returned to a much healthier state, and well as experiencing a heart-opening, one that has infused my life with a greater depth... Read More

by Katrina Gould on Gedaliah
MARMA gave me incredible DETOX experience

I recently had a series of three MARMA treatments from Gedalia Genin. She explained to me that each person gets benefits that are unique to them and their needs. I was interested to see what that would mean for me.My treatments resulted in a profound detox effect. I had been injured multiple times in my life, and then 24 years ago I sustained... Read More

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