Ayurveda Tips and Reminders- These are a few of my favorite things…

Dear friends,

Your skin may be feeling parched , dry and maybe rashy from the summer heat. Here are a few of my favorite things ….that have paid off at 62 years!

  1. Nightly routine of wash , tone with rose witch hazel , moisturizer face , neck and under eye . Daily routine of exfoliate in shower . Mask once week. I use organic products.
  2. Once week apply carrot seed oil one drop and one drop geranium oil into moisturizer .( organic oil)
  3. Drink at least one – two liters alkaline water daily.
  4. Eat avocado , ghee and olive at least five times a week.
  5. For the gut three caps of Nordic brand Cod liver oil. Gut lining reflects skin ! ( read about cod liver oil on the Weston Price website).
  6. Meditate daily – move away from negative thinking by serving others, honoring emotions , and making play time. Whether it’s baking , cooking, doodling , writing or dancing , let yourself relax! Put your feet up for ten minutes a day.
  7. If under eyes are puffy use cucumber slices or warm black tea bags for fifteen minutes
  8. If skin is red use aloe Vera leaf- squeeze out gel and apply.
  9. If acne use Neem tablets or Healthy Skin by Banyan. Eat lots of Vit C fruits-oranges, papaya, Amalaki tabs from Banyan or Chyvanprash jam.
  10. Take Triphala at night to cleanse colon.

Your’e skin is the largest organ of your body so take care.

With warm regards,

Gedalia Genin

Healer, Intuitive, Artist