Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Everyone wants more energy these days. Our lives are filled with so many daily responsibilities, family needs, driving, job stress, answering emails and so on. We must make time to “fill the well’; especially as women.

This is why I love energy work. Like tuning an instrument energy healing awakens the “prana’, life force in the body and rejuvenates and restores energy on many levels. If you’ve been thinking too much, it eliminates mental stress; if you’ve been tired it will either allow you sleep better or awaken the mind and body to feel more clear and energized. It will make you feel lighter as well as more grounded. Energy healing stimulates the body’s “self correcting mechanism” allowing it to heal naturally. When I received energy healing I began to paint.. I discovered my creativity which gave me a place in which my personal story didn’t exist.

Marma therapy from India’s Ayurveda is a rare therapy that gives you more energy.. your own energy. If we are blocked from stress, not eating properly, traveling too much, not sleeping enough, not hydarted enough.. our bodies soon tell us it’s off kilter. Energy healing awakens that inner power again..Touching marma points on the body goes deep into the consciousness and can bring about radical change. It can bring spiritual awareness and renewed self care.

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Reminder- if your instrument was playing off key you would sure know it.. in the same way our thoughts and beliefs create certain vibrational notes in our being.. same ones same tunes.. change the notes through energy healing and raise your vibrational level  which raises self awareness, purpose, service, joy!!

see you soon,


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