Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Dear Moon friends,

With our busy daily lives, driving and all, it’s often nice to just lie down and be guided into meditation. It’s like taking a vacation in the mind; quite refreshing I find. In fact, these meditations have the ability to go beyond the mind.. where? deep into consciousness where our beliefs, stresses and traumas are held. I spoke about the consciousness in last week’s class. It’s our stream of awareness. When it flows freely we can move through life with more “ease”. Like driving a car, we all have ‘blind spots’- these help the driver see more clearly.

Here’s a link to some “health journeys”. I used to use these quite often and am happy to discover that Kaiser has adapted these on their website. I will continue to receive their benefits and want to share these with you.

A little birdie told me about it.

Hope you enjoy. You may share, share, share..


How does this relate to Ayurveda? How does this relate to whole health?

I invite you to reach inside for the answers.. you already have learned!!

PS. Join me this Sunday April 19th for a mini workshop on “A Holistic Approach to Grief and Loss Using Sound and Color”- this workshop will allow you to feel balanced and centered again, and you will take away  some simple practices  that can help you cope with grief and loss.

3-6pm @ The Conscious Living Center in Canton, Georgia- a beautiful retreat site that has had many native american ceremonies on the property.  For registration please go to  http://www.siconsciousliving.com/

warm regards,

Gedalia Genin

Ayurvedic Health Specialist


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