Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

unnamedDear friends,

I invite you to discover the transformational power of essential oils for the immune system tonight at 7:15 pm in Brookhaven. For details click here.

Are you encountering some allergies? Sinus congestion? Flu like symptoms?

Ayurveda approaches allergies uniquely by addressing symptoms in relationship to the doshas… Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. What does that mean for you? First, if you don’t know your mind/body type in Ayurveda I invite you to take the Body/ type quiz on my website under the Services tab. By answering the questions based on how you have been your  WHOLE life you can get a fairly accurate body type answer. In my New Patient Consults I evaluate the tongue and pulse for efficacy of this test guiding you to the practices and principles of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle promoting increased energy and vitality, self awareness and ultimately connecting with your purpose.

Vata type allergy symptoms can appear as body aches and flu like feelings in the body. Strengthening your immune system using ashwagandha, drinking ginger tea and keeping a regular routine will power up your digestive energy ( agni) which in turn is your immune system. So the message here is ” slow down” from the summer activity and refocus your attention on yourself, cooked warm meals using anti inflammatory herbs such as turmeric, coriander, fennel, ginger,  cumin and black pepper. Nasya oil  (oiling your nose) is a sweet surprise to both the sinuses and the mind giving it immediate wake up power and emotional balance.

Pitta type allergy symptoms can appear as redness, rosacea, skin rashes , burning or itching. Should you be encountering these symptoms go back to improving digestive power through avoiding spicy foods and meditating.  Whatever cools the mind cools the body. Chilling out with meditation is the single most important practice for this dosha. If you think you cannot meditate there are many effective guided meditations on line such as these from Kaiser Permanente. Guided Meditations- Kaiser Permanente

Kapha allergy symptoms can appear as sluggishness, heaviness in the sinuses and weighted feeling in the head. If you are encountering these symptoms increase your overall intake of Vitamin c and Zinc and try a “neti pot” ; a small tea pot like object used with distilled water and sea salt to lubricate and flush out allergens from the sinuses. Kapha types get stimulated through the spicy herbs such as black pepper, and cayenne pepper, while avoiding mucous forming foods such as dairy, meat and wheat. Dry brushing will stimulate the sluggish lymphatic systems of kapha dosha. Eucalyptus oil diffused or rubbed on the chest is a perfect remedy for unblocking sinus congestion. Learn more tonight!

The practice of meditation will begin to challenge your beliefs, biases, thoughts, and opinions, and allow your inner guidance to be heard and then hopefully acted upon. In this “surrender” you can find the fulfillment and happiness you are seeking. Doesn’t the world need our feminine nature at this time….?

Remember,  the basics are always a good plan! You can do it.

with warm regards,

Gedalia Genin

Ayurvedic Health Specialist/ Energy Medicine