Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Greetings, it’s Monday..

In the original Ayurvedic  texts it is stated that the essence of health is knowing oneSELF.

Our tendency for happiness and fulfillment has us looking outward to fulfill our desires. However going inside is where  we often don’t look. It’s like not seeing your own reflection.

When you garden, as you paint, as you take care of your child, as you cook, observe what you are doing.. this observer is meditation.. in this observing there is joy, there is purpose there is happiness. And remember to BREATHE.

Many people say they cannot meditate. Would you expect to run a marathon first time out? In the same way, little by little your mind becomes accustomed to settling inside. This energy rejuvenates your being, your body, your emotions, your thoughts, your relationships.  I assure you this is true!

Give it a try.. It is very worthwhile. Five to ten minutes a day helps the mind focus, become clear, and relieve stress.. sure beats drugs!