Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Dear friends,

Although we are in the dead of winter, living in the south we can begin to see the budding and even flowering of the dogwood trees, and other blooms. I have just begun to see this on my daily walk. Have you been paying attention to this?

Where attention goes energy flows  is the saying in energy medicine and Ayurveda. There is beauty around us if you just pay attention to it! The pink hued sunsets, the billowy clouds, the sounds of the geese flying , the full moon, a baby’s smile all just pass through our day.. the sound of the rain … are YOU paying attention?? It comes down to it’s all how you look at it.

Bring your awareness  for just a few moments today to something beautiful… let your heart be happy.


Upcoming events:

Tuesday Feb 9th 7pm   Free class

@ Atl Ctr For Holistic  and Integrative Medicine  1401 Dresden drive

What do the Chakras have to do with my health? Includes Marma demo.

Reserve your space by emailing ally@atlantaholisticmedicine.com This is a great time to bring your friends and family who are interested in having more energy and vitality!


Saturday Feb 20th

Artist Atelier Last day of  Gedalia’s ” Colorful Expressions” art show  12-4pm

You can also view on line @http://www.artistsatelier.com/

30%  off  – one day only art sale of Gedalia’s art

800 Miami Circle suite 200


with warm regards,

Gedalia Genin

” specializing in transforming women’s emotional health using natural modalities.”

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