Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Chicken Soup

Dear friends,

On these cold wintry days with colds and touches of touches of flu getting passed around, Grandma’s chicken soup can be just what you need for a warm lunch or dinner. From an Ayurvedic perspective chicken soup void of any high-tech chemicals provides balanced nutrition that does not disturb the GI tract while boosting immunity at the same time. Nutrition in the form of broth is easy to digest especially with vegetables like carrots, celery, and parsnip. The chicken actually helps to replenish diminished vitality( ojas) in Ayurveda.

Lastly, chicken soup does comfort the soul. The smell of a bowl of chicken soup can quickly warm the heart. So why not indulge yourself and your family in this nurturing meal.

here’s my grandma’s recipe:

one whole chicken cut up ( organic)
two carrots chopped
two celery chopped
fresh ginger ( optional) and fresh dill
salt and black pepper

Wash and dry chicken- remove giblets and cut up- Place in soup pot cover with water about six cups- add onion, parsnip and salt. Let boil for about thirty minutes skimming foam off the top( standby)-start off at high temp then reduce heat to low boil. Remove onion and parsnip then add chopped vegetables- simmer another half hour- Remove chicken from pot and cut up when cool. Then cook noodles in broth and return cut up chicken. Add salt and pepper as needed. Top with fresh dill if you like.

If this is too much work there is always Goldberg’s Deli- ( no shame in that).

Reminder; stay warm and avoid the wind-  scarfs protect your respiratory system and hats keep heat inside your body-Warmth heals.

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