Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- The Power of Color

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Last week we touched upon the use of gemstones and how they can assist in balancing health through their vibratory energy.

Ayurveda also makes use of the vibratory energy of “colors” to help establish balance in mind and body. 

Isn’t it interesting that the colors of the rainbow correlate with the colors of the “chakras” or energy system in our bodies?

Every color has a different wavelength, frequency, and vibration. Color can even be used to affect the water you are drinking. When I studied in India it was recommended to me by my Ayurvedic teacher to wrap my water glass in green to alleviate some stress I was having or to wear an emerald stone on my right pinky finger. I tried it, it worked.

It goes back to the warming, cooling and invigorating principles in Ayurveda.

Some examples of how color affects overall health according to Ayurveda:

RED is warming and stimulating. It is heating and can affect our circulatory system since it’s the color of our blood. It supports both vata and kapha. For pitta types red can be aggravating since it’s too fiery.

ORANGE has warming and healing energy, both balancing vata and kapha.

YELLOW is a decongestant and relieves kapha; amazing! Yellow is the color of sunshine and exudes joy!

GREEN is a calming, cooling color both for the emotions and for soothing the heart. It may calm excess Pitta and can aggravate vata and kapha.

BLUE is a cooling , calming color. For jaundice babies, a blue light is used to balance inflammation of the liver. Blue is the color of pure consciousness and often people who meditate can see a blue light.

PURPLE is a color that helps to open one’s perception. Purple relieves excess pitta.

To sum it up, vata types are best when using pastels, sunny yellows and some warming red and orange. Pitta types can best use blues and purples to balance mind and body. They are not balanced with black, red and orange . Kapha types do best with bold colors to balance their lethargy such as red, orange and golds.

You may choose certain colors to affect your health and happiness both in your wardrobe and in your environment. From having flower arrangements to colorful pillows on your couch or painting a room to establish a certain mood, color is a fun and effective way to promote well being. What is your power color and how are you using it?

(It was the colors of the orchid that inspired the painting above).

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Gedalia Genin

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