Ayurvedic Weekly Tips and Reminders


Kitchari is a traditional dish in ayurveda used for it’s highly detoxifying benefits promoting balance for all three doshas vata, pitta and kapha. It is made with mung beans which is high in protein and has great benefits such as cleaning the junk out of the digestive tract including pesticides and other toxins. Kitchari is made from mung beans, basmati rice, spices, ghee and seasonal vegetables.

So give your gut a break with delicious kitchari whatever your energy type is. Yellow squash and zucchini are the perfect veggies to add this time of year. Top with cilantro to cool the summer heat and a little mint  chutney.. yum. Kids like it too!

Remember if you schedule a service with Gedalia on tuesdays at Atlanta center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine you will receive a pint of home made kitchari to take home! ¬†So I warmly invite you to spend”Tuesdays with Gedalia”.

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