Finding Your True Nature

Dear friends,

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From the moment of birth and even before, we are programmed with beliefs and conditioning from those around us. Our identities are formulated with beliefs of better education, status,religious beliefs and more. This not good or bad. This formulates our ego self.
“We have gently been guided daily with subliminal messages and chemicals that alter the way we think. It is a worldwide system of control to keep us occupied with what has become what we believe is normal.” Why are we ignorant of our true nature 

Each person aims to seek the truth in their own way to discover our true nature. We can reprogram ourselves from what we have been taught since birth, and better understand how to awaken that divine energy within.

“According to this ancient “science of life,” Ayurveda, we are a microcosm reflecting the macrocosm. This means that everything found in nature is also found within. Once we understand this concept, we can no longer feel ourselves separate from nature, and it becomes apparent why syncing ourselves to her rhythms and even just getting outside is so important for our well being.

It’s easy to forget that we are intrinsically connected to nature” , from an Elephant Journal article knowing our true nature with ayurveda. “Being so isolated from the world around us, we’re quick to forget our true nature. There’s a reason why we feel so much ourselves again when we swim in the ocean or sleep under the stars. We’re actually a part of nature. Communing with mother nature is like going home.

Enlightened by Ayurveda’s knowledge of the five elements, we begin to understand the majestic splendor of nature within us. We can no longer think of ourselves as separate from nature, and know that our true nature is nature. We are a part of her pulse and rhythm. Ayurveda offers us endless knowledge on how to sync ourselves with her heartbeat, and it starts with simply recognizing her existence within.”


All this sounds honky dory and philosophical  but how can we put this into action?

 So rather than offer you a list of things to do to access your true nature, I’d rather ask you the question? ” How do you access your true nature?”
It’s personal, individual and contemplative.

As an exercise in your journal you may write something each morning that you do, think or act on that guides you to your true nature. I find that making this conscious fills my heart.
Some examples are :
1. walk in nature ( without a phone) and experience wonder and beauty)
2. help a neighbor or elder
3. make something, write something, take photos
5. practice yoga
6. forgive someone or yourself
7. feel joy
8. feel peace
9. feel gratitude- express your gratitude freely!
10. send prayers
11. dance, sing,swim
12. paint, arrange flowers, garden
13. send someone a gift
14. feel compassion for someone’s suffering
15. send prayers of healing to those who have forgotten

As you discover your true nature, your day, your life, may become more meaningful, conscious and alive.

I enjoy following Sandra Ingerman,  shaman, author, and speaker who teaches us how to connect with Mother Earth for healing, prayer and evolution. Her strong yet gentle female presence has long inspired me. “Sandra is known for gathering the global spiritual community together to perform powerful transformative ceremonies as well as inspires us to stand strong in unity so we do our own spiritual and social activism work while keeping a vision of hope and being a light in the world.” Here’s the link to her website. Sandra Ingerman

On Tuesday May 7th at 7pm EST you’ll find a global ceremony with Sandra Ingerman on how to connect with nature, the trees etc for healing and transformation ” Discover the Spirits of Nature” you can register here: The Shift Network: Spirits Of Nature Program

May you be blessed with the remembrance and recognition of your true nature.

with warm regards,