Flower Remedies- A “Subtle” Way to Find Balance

What are Bach Flower remedies?

Bach flower remedies, dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, are remedies intended for emotional  and spiritual conditions, including depression, anxiety, insomnia or stress. They are safe for both adults, children and pets.

The remedies contain a small amount of flower material in a 50:50solution of water and brandy. Because the remedies are extremely diluted they do not carry the scent of the plant. They are considered  a “vibrational” medicine as they carry the energetic nature of the flower and this can be transmitted to the user. Although Bach flower remedies are often associated with  homeopathy they do not follow the precepts of the” law of similars” enhanced by shaking and diluting the way homeopathics are created.

Bach wrote in his treatise Heal Thyself-

Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in itself is not material.. Disease is in essence the result of conflict between the Soul and Mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort. [11]:9-10

So true isn’t it?  Modern dis-eases  do  not  have a cookie cutter remedy and each individual is different. Just addressing the physical components of a disease is like seeing an apple for only it’s skin. What we think, feel and believe effects our health in the most profound ways. Our physical body  is a reflection of what’s happening energetically- the two are one in the same. For example, depression could be nothing more than the soul wanting to express creatively. Ups and downs of our emotions are natural for everyone yet we make it a “condition” because people don’t have healthy outlets for their emotions trying to just “emote”. That’s just one example- what about looking at stress and business and finding ten minutes in your day to just sit and meditate; paying attention to your breath or putting on an essential oil while putting up your feet for five minutes? and just sitting and taking the flower essences and enjoying the feeling. Most people think it’s the big things they have to do to make changes. I believe it’s these subtle , but yet powerful practices we need to incorporate  in our daily lives.. like just sitting and watching the birds for a few minutes ;making that  a conscious activity.  Amazing how transformed you can feel in just a few minutes. I encourage you to try it as I do it and find this reenergizes me and and reminds me of being in the present which is so easily skipped over.

Here are some popular flower essence formulas:

Bach Rescue Remedy– excellent for any trauma, nervousness, panic attacks, calming effects. Great for Pets, perfect before surgery, or for kids before school or on long car rides

Beech- helps you to be more positive and see the best in others

Cherry Plum- helps you to act rationally and with a calm and clear mind when you fear losing control

Clematis-helps you live more actively in the present than in the future in your own dream world

Walnut-allows you to adapt to major life changes without the influence of others

Used frequently in Naturopathic medicine and can easily be used by anyone by reading the book, Bach Flower Remedies.  You can’t go wrong.. just experiment and enjoy the subtle qualities of the flower essences. Their subtle energies almost speak to you from within in  a most gentle way.

Please share your favorite energetic practices.