Purpose.. A Pillar of Health

We’re already getting the body/mind connection… but what about the aspect of health or the pillar of health that is about our ‘purpose” in life??

Nobody talks about that except Ayurveda; the ancient “science of life “which is what the word means. Ayurveda describes health in four pillars: 1. Physical 2.Mental 3.Social 4. Spiritual

For perfect health we need 1. In front of us– Mission, goal in life   2. Within Us- Total health and fitness 3. Behind Us-Our back( spinal column) and our family 4.Around us- People and the environment

This is a very  GROUNDED and holistic way to see our health . I have always found comfort in the wisdom of Ayurveda as it applies so beautifully to modern life.

With purpose we have meaning.. when we give meaning to something it becomes holy and sacred which it all is. Then we no longer have to search outside ourselves for happiness.. we ALLOW ourselves to be fulfilled by the meaning and purpose we give; by the service we offer. It doesn’t matter what you do but when you’re acts are performed with a sense of purpose and the highest intention they automatically become sacred.They create good karma.

The  word “dharma” which is one of the first goals of human beings, is the universal goal of finding one’s true path in life and doing what is uniquely proper for oneself.

Perhaps you’ve not made it you’re first goal… so here you are invited to contemplate your “dharma” in life… please share your insights!!

Gedaliah Genin Naturopath/Energy Medicine www.gedaliahhealingarts.com