Three Special Teas to Boost Your Immune System

Happy New Year 2018!

Did you see the supermoon? Two moons this month, one on Jan. 1st and once in a “blue moon” on the 31st. What an exalted beginning this is!

Your immune system is your guardian of good health and keeping it strong means you will experience fewer illnesses and even benefit from quick recovery if you become ill. Just as you eat healthful foods, and wash your hands to keep germs away, you can drink beverages such as teas to fight bacteria and viruses.

Teas to help you relax and restore your immunity:Image result for free images of tea drinking

  1. Dandelion-These pesky yellow flower weeds that grow abundantly in your spring garden can help fight off your cold. Researchers found that chemical compounds in dandelion can flush toxins from your system. In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine dandelion supports the liver and kidneys. If you are on medication check with your doctor as dandelion can act as a diuretic.
  2. Holy Basil– Completely different than the basil you grow in the garden for cooking, “Holy Basil”, also known as “Tulsi” is loaded with antioxidants that work against viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Tulsi also helps with skin disorders.The plant is used in front of homes in India to ward off negative energy and for protection.
  3. Green– Rich in polyphenols called “catechins”, the research found that green tea is 25 times more potent than Vit C and E- three cups per day can fight infection according to a study at the Brigham’s Women’s Hospital done by the Nat’l Academy of Sciences.

Any of these teas can be purchased at your local natural foods store or on Amazon. For special ayurvedic teas, I like to order from

Getting in the habit of drinking tea can be both nurturing and supportive of your overall well being. For example; in the afternoon when your energy dips “pause” to put your feet up or sit at your desk, have a cup of tea, and apply your favorite essential oil. My winter roll-on is easy to apply for this special moment -available on my website click HERE  or you may pick up at Centre Spring Spa- 1407 Dresden Drive Brookhaven. The winter roll-on has a beneficial blend of immune supporting oils made especially for you.

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