Weekly Ayurvedic Tips

With summer heat upon us , meditation is great practice to cool the mind of  it’s agitations, desires, would be’s and could be’s. To become present with ‘what is’ is meditation. No strain, no pain, no effort just simply allowing the mind to become empty of it’s content simply by sitting and being with ‘what is’. The problem is people judge their thoughts, their emotions and this resistance as well as unnecessary effort to control is opposite of meditation.  All energy types can practice this. One can use the “so-hum meditation in ayurveda that is good for all constitutions. Simply by breathing in and out and repeating ham on the in breath and sa on the out breath one can give the mind a gentle invitation to merge with it’s own awareness. This awareness is free, creative and expansive in nature. It can bring about tranquility, love and joy in your life. For this you don’t need an airplane or a resort, just simply go inside on a regular basis  and you will find the wealth and gifts that you have been looking for.

Some places to meditate locally:

Siddha Yoga Meditation Center on Briarcliff Rd

Deprung Loesing on Dresden Drive

Transcendental Meditation at Zen Tea in Chamblee

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