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Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, digestive issues, physical pain, or hormonal imbalance?

Want to lose weight naturally so you feel like yourself again? Tired of running to different Doctors with no results?

For more than twenty years I’ve helped women uncover new pathways to health and vitality by drawing on a wealth of holistic gems: Ayurveda, breathwork, meditation, essential oils, gemstones, nutritional advice, energy medicine, sound healing, and creativity.

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“Each day of our lives we must find the strength to take action with fierce love. We need the courage to dust off the mirror of our consciousness and show up in ways that go beyond what we feel or don’t feel so that we may fulfill our greater purpose and destiny. For this, we need a guide, a mentor, a healer, a compassionate listener, a safe environment, and an attunement to our very own nature. This is who I am and how I can serve you”.

” I have used energy healers throughout my life. As I entered my 60s, I was feeling stressed and a bit stuck trying to make decisions and navigate the future as a single woman. Desiring to love and encourage who I am, I returned to researching Ayurveda and found Gedalia. I intuitively knew I needed health guidance and energy rebalancing and was surprised at how powerful her energy practices are. I experienced profound relaxation and the release of blockages during the Marma session, which created a shift with space for healing and overall well-being. She also helped with a diet plan for energy and daily rituals for self-care. While many women already know this, many put other priorities first and need to be reminded how important it is to nourish yourself spiritually and physically. Gedalia is an incredible healer in this regard. I will look forward to future marma sessions with her – highly recommend!”-Heidi

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