Where should my bed face?

Where should I place my bed?

Vastu in the home suggests the right colors, shape,s and directions to ensure positivity and happiness in each corner of the house. It influences the energy of the home. Just as we need good energy flow in our bodies the same applies to our home.
With the holidays coming and all the home decorating going on thought these tips could be helpful.
Here are some suggestions of room placements according to Vastu, an integral part of Ayurveda:

1. Where should I place my bed? The correct bed direction per Vastu should be east, northeast, and southeast so that the legs are in the north or west direction while you are asleep.
2. The guest bedroom should be in the northwest. As for bed placement, the south or west part of the room is preferred.
The fire, agni, or kitchen placement should be in the southeast direction of the home.
3. According to Vastu, the main entrance to the home is vital to energy flow. It promotes, health, wealth, and harmony. Many of us use mirrors to face the front door. This should be removed as it actually bounces energy backward.
The ideal and most auspicious direction is the northeast. It adds vitality and energy to those who live in the house. North can bring wealth and fortune. 
 Things to avoid at the front entrance:
Mirror, wall opposite the main door, shoe racks, old furniture, broken chairs or stools, red lighting. 

Things to include:
A glass pot filled with water and flower petals.
Auspicious plants such as Tulsi or money plant.
Tiny bells or beads.

Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with appreciation for the source of all we receive.

with fierce love,