Staying Connected To Your Divine Nature

Welcome to the New Year 2024!
A New Year, a clean canvas. It can offer opportunities for reflection and self-awareness. I admit I am not the best at “goal setting” but I do like to write my intentions and dreams. How about you?
 I’ve been asking myself -What is working for me in my experience of being alive and what do I need to let go of to experience the peace that is inherently mine? Do I obsess and worry too much? Is social media taking over my brain and attention?  Is this thought or that thought true? Are the foods I am eating giving me energy? Am I taking time for peace and stillness where I can listen to guidance? Is there someone I need to forgive? How do my relationships feel? Am I thinking good thoughts about myself?
Being in the depth of winter at the moment is an opportune time for this kind of depth of reflection. It can be an inner journey personal to you.
For me the latter part of the afternoon around 4pm is when I like to do some yoga postures, particularly standing poses for grounding . Feeling the experience of standing tall with my feet on the ground/mat and my heart opened. Then I do some twists and Shavasana. This all takes less than 15 minutes. Then I sit quietly for “So-Hum” meditation-chant or pray. I observe the trees and their stillness.
What are some other simple ways to practice grounding and inner peace?
1. Including foods that bring harmony into your being are called “sattvic” foods. They boost the immune system
and keep a person calm, according to Ayurveda.
These foods include freshly cooked fruits such as prunes, apples, fresh dates, and raspberries for example, fresh vegetables such as sweet potatoes, asparagus, winter squash, zucchini, pumpkin, ghee in moderation, lentils, fresh herbs, turmeric, black pepper and grains such as teff, honey, nuts, and sprouts.
2. Laying on of gemstones. I recently purchased black tourmaline and pyrite stones to place on my root chakra before going to sleep. The black stone clears negative energy and is an excellent stone for highly sensitive people. Pyrite can increase stamina and guard against negative energy including negative EMFs. and getting to the root cause of psychosomatic dis-ease. I’ve noticed my dreams more clearly as well as had insights during the day of past traumas. You too can make laying on of stones part of your daily practice. I always find the stones piece to my Marma sessions to be the most magical moments of healing and clearing.
3. Cooking at home can be a meditation.
Even making chai can be a meditation. My teacher Vasant Lad demonstrates making chai as a meditation on Youtube called ” The Practice of Making Chai” where he states “Meditation is not something you just do on your mat, meditation is what you take into every corner of your life”.
watch here

These are all ways to stay connected to your divine nature!

 with fierce love,