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Hot “ON” the Press!
New Book release coming for the holidays with great joy! Available soon on Amazon.
Enough Drugs I am a Woman and Can Heal Naturally- a practical guide to feeling your best.
” Our symptoms are our body’s way of speaking to us and are a wake-up call to change our behavior, approach or attitude. When we take medications that mask our symptoms and dull our emotions we dim our ability to recognize the underlying problem and what our body and heart are trying to tell us”.
This timely, compassionate guide serves as a call to women to look beyond “pill-popping” to adopt new healthful behaviors and practices that benefit the body, mind, and spirit.


I recently had a series of three MARMA treatments from Gedalia Genin. She explained to me that each person gets benefits that are unique to them and their needs. I was interested to see what that would mean for me.

My treatments resulted in a profound detox effect. I had been injured multiple times in my life, and then 24 years ago I sustained a catastrophic injury. Since that time I have been fortunate enough to receive lots of medical care which have kept me alive while I did the work to try to recover. As lucky as I am to have had all the drugs and treatments, it was inevitable that they left a very heavy toxic hangover in my body.

I have tried many detox methods, but the MARMA treatments delivered in a profound way. My body seemed to be suddenly able to LET GO of massive amounts of toxic substances. My body seemed to be self-cleansing. In every way that a body can excrete toxic elements, mine did. I experienced some detox symptoms, but they were mild. At this point, I feel very clean and light inside and out.

I would highly recommend these treatments to anyone that has been through profound drug treatment, like chemo. or massive drug therapies for uncontrollable pain like I have gone through, or anything that where many substances have been administered into your body or you just feel heavy and overwhelmed. The detox effect was not only physically cleansing but also resulted in a mental and spiritual lightening effect. I feel lighter, more fluid and more open, and I seem to be more resilient.

I am truly grateful to Gedalia her gifts and spa staff for creating such a healing environment. I wish you profound benefits from your MARMA experiences. Thank you.