Are You Supplementing or Substituting?

Let’s explore the word “supplement” from Wikipedia and compare the meaning of supplementing vs. substituting. I feel this is vital to understand as we incorporate holistic modalities into our lifestyle and do it with a rational and conscious approach . Supplement-addition: an addition to something to increase its size or make up for a deficiency. The last part particularly relates to the supplement industry which I am writing from- MAKE UP FOR A DEFICIENCY! It does not say to replace something with something else. The word “substitute” means to replace something with something else. This is not what we are really meaning to do when we look at supplements for our health. Supplements when used properly can have enormous benefits to a person’s health and well being or I would not being selling them. However they are not meant to SUBSTITUTE being regular about our daily habits.
The one most crucial thing that affects our health is “regularity”. Having regular eating, sleeping, and resting times is extremely beneficial to our overall health . As our daily “things to do” list increases, particularly for women as they multitask caring for children and family as well as working , the idea of being regular becomes lucid. Such a simple notion but harder and harder to maintain. The body likes “regularity”. In Ayurveda it says, like the sun and the moon which has it’s daily rythms such is how the human body is created. The concept of regularity does not mean rigid it just means being consistent.This is important to note because many people don’t like the word discipline because they feel it is something rigid . It is not.It means making the choices daily at the right times so the body can know what to expect and function in the way it is intended to.So where there is inconsistency we can look at how we can SUPPLEMENT to enhance our health.It’s a simple common sense approach. The reason I am writing this is because I often see people taking so many supplements and drugs at the same time but are not making lifestyle changes. ex. losing weight , exercising, meditating or doing something for stress relief. For example, a person complaining they can’t sleep because they leave their phone near the bed at night and answers any emails that come in wants a remedy to fix that.Do we really want to add more pills when we can add small changes into our daily lives that can have such a big affect on our overall well being.For that person do you think they need to let go of their work? I would say so.
Did you know the body heals in gradients?? Ask any medical intuitive or enlightened teacher or Chinese medicine practicioner, naturopath,healer,integrative doctor and they will explain this concept. Like the peeling of an onion which you may have heard such is how we can address each of our symptoms.. one step at a time , one layer at a time,one petal at a time I like to image with a common sense and rational approach.
So in a nutshell, this blog is intended to encourage you to be honest with yourself and start recognizing the roots of your condition so that the supplements you take compliment your lifestyle habits. If you don’t understand how your body is functioning see an integrative doctor or naturopath so you can take the right steps at the right time.

Seek out educated people who can help you make the right decisions when it comes to supplementation. There are also many books to choose from to help you understand topics such as food combining, the use of herbs, detoxification practices and much more.

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Gedaliah Genin/Traditonal Naturopath PH.D./ Energy Medicine