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As you may be aware by now, Dr. Oz, cardiologist, surgeon, from New York hosts his own show on television at 10am and 3pm daily. His objective is to explore different aspects of health and wellness and educate the public so that they can make educated choices based upon current research and efficacy. Each show Dr. Oz brings on specialists in various fields of health such as stress management, herbology, heart health, pain etc. So if you have missed some of the shows this blog is a way to keep you updated on some of the topics of the show that relate to supplements. These suggestions don’t predicate a visit to your doctor to make the best choice possible.

This past week on Dr. Oz

BEST CURE FOR MIGRAINES- Butterbur suggested dose 75 mg 2x a day
KNEE PAIN – Willow Bark 120mg a day
LOW BACK PAIN – Devil’s Claw 500 mg 1x day

***ARTICHOKE EXTRACT – digest fats, helps liver secrete bile, helps indigestion,helps lower cholesterol,helps relieve IBS.
This is one we often overlook and can be a great remedy for the above conditions.

Have a wonderful Spring Day!

Gedaliah Genin/ Energy Medicine/ Naturopath