Recent Fascinating Dr. Oz Recommendations

DR. Oz , cardiac surgeon in NY, is speaking publicly on national television in response to some of the public’s most common health concerns and questions.

Essential Oils:
PEPPERMINT OIL- to improve mental alertness
ROSE OIL- stimulates memory
ORANGE OIL -decreases anxiety

Fatigue Fighting Foods:
Goji Berries
Amaranth – the grain
Rainbow Trout- full of B12 and omega 3′s( much better than Cod)

Dr. John Gray, relationship coach and author of the recent book Venus on Fire Mars on Ice, reveals that many problems and conflicts in relationships stem from hormonal imbalances that occur for both men and women. He suggested as a solution to many couple’s disagreements to first make sure the woman has eaten some protein and her blood sugar was stabilized.For men to raise their testosterone levels, they need to have down time in their cave before they can be available for their woman. That down time for them actually increases testosterone.He says men actually have a seven day hormone cycle and women as we know a 28 day cycle. You can read more about it in the book .
Here’s a protein smoothie that Dr. Gray recommends before resolving conflicts.
1. A high quality denatured whey protein
2.Maca powder
3.PGX powder
4.Goji Berries
5.Coconut oil
6.Flax seeds
7. Berries and fruits

Even though you might be familiar with these tips, as they say in Ayurveda “knowing” and “doing” are two different things!!

Gedaliah Genin Naturopath Consultant/Energy Medicine