Pause and Remember

I’ve been really practicing this the last few days , pausing and being present with wherever I am and with whatever I am doing at that moment. In fact I haven’t really had to put effort into making it happen, becoming aware I mean.  Somehow as I am in the busyness of an activity of the day like driving to work, or getting caught up in too much thinking or worrying I have found myself gently moving my attention to being aware of what I am doing or thinking and this feeling of stillness and lightness comes over me. It’s as if my practice of meditation has left the meditation room and come with me.

No complaints here. What a sweet sensation and feeling this has been. It’s as if all activity ceases  and a feeling of remembering being in whatever space I am in  is all there is.

You can actually  practice this too. Just pause and remember yourself, your breath, your body, feeling all of what you are doing.

Years ago I heard a therapist suggest to set your watch alarm every fifteen minutes to get in touch with your feelings. This isn’t as regimented. It’s more like riding the waves in the ocean when you were  kid and when you went over a rough one and  you suddenly got a mouthful of water your head bopped out of the water and suddenly you were more awake then when you started. Remember that feeling? This isn’t as abrupt actually, much more gentle in fact. But the effect of liveliness is similar.

I’ve always had a longing for a quiet life and in the midst of such a busy life in a city this is truly a gift.Not having to go away to experience this but to stay right where I am in my  very own daily life. Perhaps  this is my “spring break”!