Homeopathy to Keep by the Crib

Attention new Moms who want to prepare themselves and their new baby with some remedies for the most common ailments !

* This information is not meant to replace the advice of your doctor or health care practicioner.

Colic    Chamomilla: For irritable, colicky babies who are teething. Baby who can’t be pleased;wants to be held constantly. Abdomen is distended; baby doubles up in pain. Baby might vomit and have a green smelling diarrrhea.

Colocynthis for severe colic

Diaper Rash   Arsenicum album:  Baby gets chilly and gets comforted when wrapped and warm .Stools are loose and watery.Baby gets restless easily and desires company.

Calendula soothes baby’s skin and aids healing

Diarrhea   Arsenicum Album:  Stools are loose and may have offensive odor.Baby is wrestless and may have cold hands and feet.Symptoms are aggrevated by cold and soothed by warm drinks and warmth.

Earache  Belladonna:  High fever, glands may be swollen and skin is dry. Symtoms are worse at ngiht. Baby’s red ear is usually red. Infant is agitated.

Pulsatilla: Onset of earache  may follow a stuffed up nose. Pain in ear is worse at night. Infant is weepy and restless.

Sources: Family Homeopathy ( Keats Publishing) by Paul Callinan; Homeopathic meidince for Children and Infants (Tarcher) by Dana Ullman, M. P. H.

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