Ayurveda And Breast Health

The goal of Ayurveda is to promote balance of spiritual, psychological, and physical health.  

Ayurveda is the world’s oldest holistic science and is helpful today in understanding the causes of high rates of abnormal cancerous cellular changes in the American female population.

According to Ayurveda:

-The precursor for breast imbalances is the accumulation of “ama” or toxins in the breast tissue, which over time become lodged and stagnated. Both pitta dosha and Kapha dosha are involved.

-Nutritional risk factors can be found due to synthetic hormones used in the meat and dairy industry, chemical pesticides used in agriculture, chlorinated water, preservatives in packaged foods, birth control, hormone replacement, white sugar, aluminum products, soda containers, and plastic bottles.

– The suppression of grief, sadness, stress, feelings of isolation, and lack of purpose, are just some of the main contributors to imbalances in breast health. The breast tissue is part of the heart chakra, which includes the lungs, upper shoulders, and heart organ.

Here are some recommendations for breast cancer prevention in Ayurveda:

  1.  Consider iodine 3 mgs per day. Food sources are kelp and sea vegetables. Iodine in Ayurveda is a natural antiseptic for the blood warding off infection. Standard process Promaline Iodine is a good source. Sea vegetables and kelp can be added to the diet. Please check with your doctor before taking iodine as it is not recommended for everyone.

     2. Understand your unique mind/body type and cultivate a lifestyle that is appropriate for your needs- no two people are the same in Ayurveda. Self-care and self-nurturing are key components to healthy breasts.

       3. Avoid underwire bras as they constrict the lymphatic flow.

       4. Massage breasts daily with warm sesame oil or castor oil, especially in the area under the armpits.

       5 . Exercise regularly – moderate exercise helps to balance hormones and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins

        6. Include foods like soups, Dahl’s, mustard greens, ginger, quinoa and black beans.

        7.  Drink dandelion and fennel tea both help reduce toxins.

        8. Use the herb ashwaganda which helps prevent toxic build-up around the breasts. 

        9. Avoid foods that create toxins in the body such as leftovers, frozen foods, and canned foods. Eat foods close to Mother Earth in their most natural state.

       10. Listen and intuitively connect with your body- Meditate to connect within to one’s purpose and potential.
        11. Include Marma Therapy in your health regimen to move stagnant energy and free the body of toxins. Gedalia offers Marma therapy in her practice.

with fierce love,