Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Sorry for the delay this week.

When you  cultivate certain practices in your life like meditation, yoga, prayer, eating in accordance with nature, inner reflection, right thinking, receiving energy healing, taking herbs, using essential oils,  over time, you can begin to see your life from a new vantage point. You begin see things with compassion and understanding rather than judgement and a “why” attitude. You prepare yourself, like tilling the soil for planting and harvesting what is to grow.

Then  when you are faced with challenges in your life , you have already built a foundation through every day living  to deal with what is.

To know oneself is what the original Ayurvedic texts states is the meaning of health.

Not just the physical body but all of you, your spirit, emotions, mind, your thoughts.  This is what’s worth practicing Ayurveda for. It’s far from just knowing your energy type . It leads to vitality, purpose, loving relationships, appreciating nature and a life with meaning and giving. It brings value to your life and you realize your unique gifts that you can share with others.

So Ayurveda is not a diet, another can and cannot when it comes to food, another “box” or model, but rather it promotes the uniqueness of who you are in this world.

A reflection for you;

Can you weather the storms of life and still come out blooming like a lotus?

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