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Yes, new name, fresh look, new groove to my weekly blog. Welcome.

Whether it’s returning to dance, beginning yoga or perhaps revisiting an unfinished painting project or simply focusing on self-care, getting your groove back is unique to you.

The word “groove” means a “channel” or to enter into an established routine or habit. Sound groovy? Groove also means to dance or listen to an insistent rhythm- feel the vibe?

I started my week with a “Zumba” class- a fun dance exercise class with diverse ethnic curvy moves. While no one really cares how you look it offers the freedom to shake it up and burn some calories at the same time. It was a return for me to something I always love to do ( but not my husband), dance! While there I ran into a friend I had not seen in awhile which made it all the more fun. After class over coffee, she presented me with an unexpected gift -a deck of oracle cards she purchased some time ag0, waiting for the right person to offer it to. I was the happy recipient of these handmade cards made by various artists with messages to reflect on. The stories of their lives were in a little book in the box. I felt my heart leap and had goosebumps as she handed them to me. I picked one that said “fearless joy”.  It was as if I was initiated into a part of myself that came alive again.

Your Turn

What is it that gets you in the groove?

You know the saying body, mind, and spirit? Spirit really comes first according to Ayurveda as what you feel filters into the health of body/mind,  mind/body. So each week I will share a tip first for inspiration then body/mind . Here goes,


Isn’t it true as women that we are always wanting to lose those extra five, eight, ten or twenty pounds that suddenly have crept into our inner thighs, hips or middle? Or perhaps you’re already in an exercise flow but need to stretch or tone.

According to Judy Mahl Lutter, in her book “BodyWise Women,”  more than 50% of women are dieting at any one time. It’s a fact that Americans spend more money on weight loss than people in other countries.  Americans have spent over 45 billion dollars since 2004 in weight loss products and the numbers are expected to grow, Market data says. From the South Beach, to the Grapefruit diet to Atkins, Raw foods, Paleo we’ve seen it all . For the most part the women I see are fed up with yo-yo diets and just want to have sound nutritional, daily habits that are unique for their lifestyle and digestion. They are burdened with the confusion of “what’s good” and “what’s bad” that has penetrated their minds through media messaging often wondering if there is anything good left to eat. Ayurveda offers a different approach to food that has sustained over 5000 years that eliminates confusion, by directly connecting one’s state of digestion with foods and tastes that bring about balance- A practical simple approach to food combining, seasonal eating and a ” slow food” attitude enhances the benefits of Ayurveda over time.

Lois Leonhardi, a classmate from Ayurvedic college, yoga teacher, Ayurvedic chef in Los Angeles says this about weight loss and Ayurveda:

“I have found it’s less about what women eat than about the timing and combinations…it’s really important to understand why they gained the weight in the first place. If there is an emotional issue (stress, anxiety, feeling unloved, etc.), then dietary change will be difficult and usually ineffective – you have to look at the whole person and respect the mind-body connection. Otherwise, these recommendations will generally be fine for someone who is trying to shed a few pounds they picked up after the winter or after giving birth.”

Vata – naturally slim, vata gains weight primarily due to excess sugar, anxiety, and irregular eating patterns. Eliminate refined sugar, eat the largest meal at midday (omnivores, should eat meat at midday in a broth and have dal stew in the evening); avoid snacking. Meditate for 5 minutes before eating.

Pitta – high-achieving pitta will gain weight primarily due to not making their health a priority over other life goals. But their single-minded focus makes it easiest for them to achieve weight loss goals. To shed a few extra pounds, eliminate animal protein in the evening; bison, skinless chicken and turkey at the midday meal. Quinoa-lentil salads with avocado for vegetarians. Pitta daily routine is very important (getting to bed before 10:30).

Kapha – water and earth combine to make kapha the strongest constitution but they are prone to gaining weight due to emotional eating (ranging from boredom, to lack of love). When dieting, kapha will do best to skip breakfast (or eat an apple or a small bowl of berries); they should eliminate meat and all dairy while dieting; a salad of mustard greens, cannellini beans and artichokes with sesame-ginger dressing has a good combination of heat and lightness to get kapha moving; exercise will be slightly more important than diet for kapha to shed the extra pounds.”

Thank you, Lois for these invaluable tips.

I teach, consult, write and believe in these same principles.  As a practicing Naturopath/healer, I  choose to focus on the “emotional” piece of healing because without addressing how we feel,  choosing the best of foods will potentially putrefy if we are angry, upset or anxious. It is not only what we eat that affects our health but how we digest our lives that affect our mental state hence our bodies. Starting a meal with gratitude to the farmer and to those who worked hard in the fields to allow us to eat is a beautiful way to begin eating. Slowing down enough and becoming present instead of rushing through lunch with emails or i Pads eases digestion.Feelings of love and appreciation are certainly the highest vibrational energy we can bring to ourselves and those around us whom we often take for granted. This is the best food, and the best medicine in a way.

So whether it’s  getting some new art supplies as Julia Cameron states in her book ” The Artist’s Way” or visiting that furniture store you always wanted to stop into or arranging flowers in a vase, making kitchari, singing, tai chi, or woodworking take time every day to nourish your Spirit first………….. please!

For more groovy Ayurvedic recipes visit Lois’ cookbook at https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Ayurvedic-Cookbook-Recipes-Wellness/dp/0778805131 We have a copy at the Spa should you want to check it our first. ( It does require some cooking skills) but absolutely wonderful explaining what vata, pitta, kapha are – what brings balance or imbalance. The photography is outstanding- well done!

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