Ayurveda Tips and Reminders-

Dear friends,

We’ve come a long way baby!! (And I don’t mean cigarette smoking billboards.) I was sitting under the dryer in the last phase of my hair color today at an Aveda Salon in Buckhead while taking a phone, magazine, break- in other words, a short break from stimulation to just “be”. Lo, and behold in front of me there was a screen where Aveda was showing their new oil formulations.  A woman was demonstrating massaging ” Marma” points on her face and head with the oil as her morning routine- the points were even named in their original language- Sanskrit.

I felt moved to check it out. What a soothing sequence it was and it left me feeling soothed just watching.

I was elated to witness this in Buckhead and realized how happy I am to share with you that all the tips about oils, Marma, oils, Marma, oils that I repeatedly post is to inspire you of the benefits of these simple, beautiful, beneficial rituals for everyday life. The video proclaimed Marma to stimulate, purify and energize! (An easy explanation when anyone asks you what Marma is.)

This is what was featured:

A woman had a soft brush in her hand in which she massaged her shoulders, decollete, gently around her face and forehead. Then she put oil in her hand – let’s say you can use one drop lavender, one drop geranium and one drop rose or jasmine ( organic essential oils) mixed with small amount of sesame, jojoba, or coconut oil ( depending on your skin type- jojoba is universal)- then begin with pressing/massaging the following marma points:

Step one-The temples- ( Shanka)- In anutshell it calms the mind, balances emotions and reduces stress, headaches and even helps the stomach with balancing acidity and GERD.

Step two- Massage the point between the eyebrows and two fingers above- ( Ajna)-this point facilitates optimal function of pineal and pituitary gland regulating hormones-unfolds intuition and insight, benefits eyes, reduces stress, and insomnia. ( if you don’t get the exact spot it’s ok if you are a little off).

Step three-Massage the point or press at the center of the hairline ( kapala)- great for mental stress, balancing emotions, calms the mind, hormonal balance.

You’re done! Rub the rest of the oil on the decollete ( above breasts) and base of the neck.


Gratitude and Psychology- In an article entitled “The Transformative Power of Gratitude, Huffington Post it says,

“Three decades ago, Martin Seligman and colleagues launched the field of “Positive Psychology“. Here began the scientific study emotions such as gratitude, optimism, forgiveness, happiness, compassion and altruism. At the time, this was a revolutionary idea in the field of psychology since most of the data about human emotion had previously focused on “negative psychology” such as mental illness, trauma, addiction and stress.

What we have learned is that cultivating personal attributes fortifies us during times of adversity and emotional turmoil and leads to greater happiness and resilience. Moreover, of all the attributes one can develop, gratitude is most strongly associated with mental health.”

So if you are wondering what you can do during these difficult times- hurricanes, shootings, fires, political distress, personal griefs and losses, consider the opposing energy of gratitude.

“Each day we must find the strength to go beyond what we feel like or don’t feel like. We must dust off the mirror of our consciousness so that we can move toward joy and fulfillment.

For this, we need a guide, mentor, healer, and attunement to our own nature. This is who I am and this is how I can serve you.”

warm regards,


Ps. Apologies for the delay on the fall roll-on oil. It will be ready next week with warming oils of vanilla, jasmine and more. Have been busy completing the book and it’s soon going to be published. Will keep you posted on details. I’m excited to share it with you.