Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

We previously talked about “cooling” the body via the breath. Hope that you are practicing just a little.

I am. A perfect time is after applying nasya oil in the nostrils after waking. I set my timer for five minutes and it’s done.

We all know what “cools” the mind will cool the body and vice versa; so here are a few tips to ‘cool” the body.. watch what happens!

In the American diet world ,the language seems to focus on what “not “to eat.  So many people are not having dairy, wheat, meat and foods that they have found food sensitivities to.  That is fine.But I see that their nutrition is being compromised of essential nutrients  that come from eating a variety and colorful diet. Instead of focusing on what “not” to eat I encourage you to begin to include more colorful fruits and vegetables in your diet. ( Yes you’ve heard that  before but are you doing it?).

Here’s a fun way to approach  this:

Each day of the week choose from one of the  seven colors of the rainbow, which also happens to correlate with the seven ‘chakras” or subtle energy channels in the body as well as correspond with seven days of the week. Pick a color and then eat the fruits and veggies that correspond.For example: Red/beets – strawberries. Think of the root chakra while eating it.

Red,orange,yellow,blue,green, indigo and violet……just a reminder…… of the rainbow colors and colors of the chakras in that order.  Amazing!

Eating with the seasons has been a “sustainable” principle of Ayurveda for over 5000 years.And today we are returning to those common sense  earth based principles  because they work in harmony with both the nature outside and within.

Here are few “favors” for the summer season  that Ayurveda recommends which decrease heat in the body:

1. Favor fresh ripe berries,melons,apples,apricots,grapes, peaches,pomegranates and ripe plums. This “sweet” taste” in Ayurveda will promote balance.

2.Favor “bitter” taste such as  dark leafy greens. Bitter taste supports liver  function and assists in detoxification.

3.Asparagus,broccoli,seaweed,summer squash,snow peas,celery,cilantro, mung sprouts, bean sprouts,green beans,sweet potatoes,sweet tomatoes,eggplant,artichokes, spinach and kale are favorable choices at your mealtimes.

And a dip in the swimming pool is one of my favorites!