Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Did you know that the connective tissue is the seat of unconscious emotions? And our organs store various emotions ?

This is not to worry you but good food for thought and exploration. When we look at our emotions honestly ,  and with compassion and self awareness we can get to the root of them. We cannot change others; that’s  surely an endless pit. We can only look within and allow our relationships to mirror to us what needs to be healed from within ourselves ,if we so choose. It is easy to point outward  and often  is a knee jerk reaction but ultimately there is little growth in that process.As a Buddhist monk once said” Wherever you go there you are”.

Here are how the organs relate to emotions:

Lungs -Grief and sorrow

Heart- Worry, anxiety and hurt


Gallbladder- Hate

Spleen- Attachment, greed

Kidney- Fear, insecurity

Small Intestine/large intestine-binge eating,nervousness

Pancreas- Sugar, cookies, chocolate, demanding

Knowing this is a good reminder to develop a relationship with our emotions and explore what they are telling us. For me; anger was blocked creativity. I used to have lower back pain, fatigue, and fibroids many years back. Through receiving energy healing, meditating and cultivating self awareness I discovered that I became angry when I did not get enough alone time. This led to the beginning of  my painting and using color as a means of expressions.Today, art time is an essential piece of my weekly activities. I block in time because it is good for my health and well being as well as fun time.

It is wonderful how relaxing Marma is . But on a deeper more profound level, it has the capacity to reach the connective tissue and release stored grief, sadness, etc; bring balance and renewed energy.By working with the chakras, these emotions begin to e-mote gently and ease fully so that we can feel our vitality once again. It’s only when emotions are stuck do they cause problems.Don’t underestimate the value of this profound ancient therapy of healing. For some it feels subtle, for others more powerful and even colorful.

The more I practice it the more I realize it’s healing potential.

I thank you for the opportunity to share this special healing art with you!