Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

When I lived in California I met a woman who had just moved to the US from Israel. She suffered severe trauma to her nervous system having lived amongst bombing , gun shots  and explosions most of her life. She was literally in a fight or flight situation 24/7. I reflected on this today as I continue to practice and explore the effects of color and sound on  health; both physical, mental, and spiritual. After many energy healing sessions ( which included sound and color) and her natural inclination toward using therapeutic grade essential oils and gemstones, she began to heal. It was amazing to watch a most frightened and shaky human being become grounded in her true nature which was peaceful, loving and always helping others. Of course living near lavender fields and seeing the clear blue sky of Sonoma County every day  all played a part.

So, everything in the universe responds to light and tone… plants , animals, humans alike. Color and music both serve to remove blocks within an individual so that the natural energies can do their perfect work in the healing process and the “doshas” , vata, pitta, kapha can become balanced.

By being honest with ourselves we can determine which areas of our bodies need help. For example if your emotions are out of control then there is a need to balance the solar plexus. You could try to find music that will calm and balance the emotions. If you are “spaced out” a lot you might find music that is grounding to the lower chakras and that also balance the pineal and pituitary. If you are engrossed in the material and physical you may want to listen to music to activate the higher centers. If you need physical strength you might use the color red. If you seek tranquility you can use green. For the adrenals, yellow and so on.

There are particular sounds when ‘toned’ affect the energy of the chakras. In my class on Grief and Loss tomorrow evening we will tone with the chakras and unblock any stuck energy that can prevent you from feeling your best .We’ve all  had some grief and loss in our lives.. loss of a loved one,  loss of job, house or just plain sadness. I invite you to come join me and explore some tools to raise your energy level and vibration so that you can ‘inhabit” your life with more joy, energy and creativity.

With disease being researched and  measured by vibration and frequency, now is the time to learn to “tune-up’ your body with the timeless practices that the Egyptians and Indian culture have always known.!

I hope to see you there.

Atl Center for Holistic Medicine

1401 Dresden drive

Atlanta, 30319

7pm  Class Fee $25