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After a season of intense heat, now is a good time to plan a fall cleanse. According to Ayurvedic principles, the junction between seasons is the best time for cleansing. With lots of cleanses out there that are based on “raw” foods or fasting with juices I’d like to share a very beautiful way to cleanse while eating a complete protein soup called ‘kitchari”. It is both easy to digest and is also known for detoxing the gut.

Panchakarma is a sanskrit word meaning “five actions”. Five unique cleansing and rejuvenating therapies from Ayurveda cleanse, heal and rejuvenate all bodily systems. Specific therapies and herbs are used while eating a  mono “kitchari” diet. Kitchari is made from split yellow mung beans, basmati rice, ghee and spices such as cumin, ginger, turmeric with added vegetables. Daily practices such as yoga, meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises),are all part of a panchakarma program. This is best done away from home where you have time to heal and cleanse properly.

I’ve personally attended the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, New Mexico several times for panchakarma. When I first moved to Atlanta my brother passed way from committing suicide. I had a severe reaction in my body. My hands and feet were so swollen I could hardly walk. I first went to several doctors here who kept trying to find some rare disease when only one understood my perspective; that the grief may have caused this reaction. I chose to go to the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque New Mexico for two weeks to do panchakarma and came back a new person. I am deeply grateful for this experience and therefore I am sharing this link with you. I have also participated in panchakarma at the Institute as a “between the season cleanse”. This is also the place where I learned Marma. It holds a deep place in my heart.

As I continue to offer the class “A Holistic Approach to Grief and Loss ” at the Atlanta Center for Holistic and Integrative Medicine (every fourth Tuesday; the 26th of this month), I realize what amazing experiences I’ve had as a result of feeling grief and how so many of them shaped who I am today.

So I share this with you with profound gratitude for all I have received and wish for you all the best in health and wealth for the coming season.


Another option for a short home cleanse is to just eat kitchari for 3-5-7 days and visit with me for a consult for some additional at home detox tips according to your current condition and health. We have kitchari kits at ACHIM for purchase.

Just as your house needs dusting and cleaning on a regular basis so too the vehicle in which you live, the body, mind, and emotions, also need to let go of accumulated toxins and debris.

Remember “Marma” therapy is highly effective in detoxing. Unresolved feelings and challenging relationships also accumulate as toxins….so be sure to schedule a few Marma sessions soon to begin your rejuvenation for the new season.

Ps. There are several other places to receive panchakarma that are reputable. The Raj, Kripalu, Canyon Ranch, John Douillard’s Spa, The Chopra Center.



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