Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Now that kids are back to school Moms are concerned with their child’s best performance in the classroom. 

According to Ayurveda the three aspects of mental ability are:

– learning


-ability to recall

What contributes to  the lack of these qualities:

-Food lacking intelligence- additives, colorings, preservatives, flavorings, emulsifiers and packaged foods. Diet is most important to a healthy mind both for children and adults. Foods affect your thoughts and feelings.

-Violent and stressful images on TV and in the movies.

-Lack of 8-10 hours sound sleep

Enhancing mental ability Tips:

– Eating fresh organic foods enhances the power of learning as food has intelligence! Eating canned, processed, leftover, frozen and boxed foods lacks energy. Opt for as many colors as possible when making a meal- children like to help in preparing food; that way they are more inclined to eat what has been prepared.

-Daily oil massage !!


-Increase circulation

-Be calming for the nerves

-Increase mental alertness

– Increase stamina throughout the day

– Improve sleep quality at night

Use organic sesame oil then shower or use on the body before sleep with added lavender oil.

– Taking herbs such as “brahmi” which enhances mental intelligence and memory. “Mental Clarity” by Banyan at Atl Ctr for Holistic Medicine includes this herb. For children over 10 half the adult dose is recommended. Or one can use brahmi oil on the scalp and feet at bedtime.

-Eight to ten hours of sleep. Best not to watch tv or use computer one hour before resting. A simple bath of warm water and epsom salts calms the nerves and supplies magnesium which can induce rest. Can’t stress the sleep factor enough. Sleep builds the immune system and repairs the body. Sleep is the best medicine in Ayurveda.

So hail to all you wonderful and caring Moms.. sports are wonderful but keep them in balance!