Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

IMG_0122A question for you to contemplate….

What is contemplation?  Conscious observation; not judgement but honest presence. What is consciousness? Self awareness.

Self awareness brings clarity; clarity of mind brings clarity of perception; clarity of perception brings emotional clarity. Beyond the emotions there is compassion. Only when you are stuck in the emotion does it become reality… Are you still with me?

The question-


What is on your mind?


One way to learn is to simply sit for meditation…. and you are probably  now saying ” I can’t meditate” ,” my mind is too busy”.. The notion of forcing thoughts out of the mind is a farce and a huge obstacle to meditate. On the contrary just as a surfer rides the waves to smooth water; a meditator must ride the waves of the mind before it gets to a calm and deep place.. This is the truth! To learn proper meditation I encourage you to go to www.mountsoma.com and see the video on Surya meditation. This particular video takes the mystery out of it. There are many forms of meditation but “allowing’ meditation as opposed to forcing is very different.

Meditation fosters conscious awareness.. without “consciousness” we are merely a slave to our conditioning, habits and beliefs, often stuck in the same emotional patterns; recreating  relationships and patterns we don’t want.Those thoughts directly affect your body. There is a saying ” where attention goes energy flows”…Are you feeling drained? fatigued? overwhelmed? What is on YOUR mind?  With whom do you need to make peace with ?

To evolve and grow we need “self awareness”.

Just as the “The Secret” says that we attract the vibrational energy we are tuned into (which most of it is un-conscious); I encourage you to meditate to unravel the knots of unhealthy thoughts and habits and have the life and relationships you ultimately want and deserve.

It starts with you. It is not found outside you.

This takes dedication and a good attitude!!