Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Dear Moon friends,

Essential oils are a great way to COOL the heat of the summer from making mists, to using them for bug bites, sunburns and more. Easy to carry, deeply penetrating on all levels, essential oils are nature’s gifts. Join me in discovering your special favorite way to use them this summer tomorrow evening at Atlanta Center for Holsitic and Integrative Medicine 7pm at this Complimentary Class. RSVP@ 404-814-9808 . ┬áCall Now seats limited.

Travel well with this cooling mist!

Cool & Fresh Peppermint Body Mist

4 ounces water
1 teaspoon vinegar or herb-infused vinegar (lavender, rose, peppermint, etc.)
12 drops lavender essential oil
12 drops peppermint essential oil
1 mister bottle

Directions: Combine all the ingredients in the spray mister bottle. Shake vigorously and mist the skin.

Always shake well before use. Avoid eyes and sensitive areas. Store the bottle in the fridge or ice chest to heighten the cooling sensation.

warm regards,

Gedalia Genin

Ayurvedic Health Specialist