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First, an invitation to tonight’s “Beat the Heat with Ayurveda and Essential Oils ” Class! Would love to see you there.

Free class with Gedalia  at Atlanta Center For Holistic and Integrative Medicine 1401 Dresden Drive Brookhaven Ga 30319  Plz call to reserve your space @404-814-9808.  If you don’t have time to call just attend. Time:7pm

Friends and family are WELCOME!

Food For Focus

Summertime is a time for drinking liquids to cool off the added heat that is provoked by the heat of the sun.  You may even be feeling a propensity to just having liquids and that is natural. You may even be feeling sluggish and fatigued at times.

The  word ‘dosha’  ( which means “fault or imbalance”), according to Ayurveda is called “Pitta”.  In fact this entire season is considered “Pitta season”. It is beneficial for all energy types to pay attention to Pitta pacifying foods which I have mapped out in previous blogs.  Foods that have a “cooling ”  after effect in the body such as sweet tasting fruits, cucumbers, aloe vera, barley, cherries, watermelon are just a few examples to include in your day.

If you are experiencing “irritability”, “anxiety”,  “mental agitation/anger” or even “fatigue and sluggishness “,  you may say “It’s my Pitta, perhaps I need to follow Gedalia’s blog”! Or if you have family members experiencing some of the heaviness from the heat you may share my tips with them.

In tonight’s class we will learn about some cooling essential oils to get you through the heat!

Here’s a wonderful COOLING AYURVEDIC SMOOTHIE from the Joyful Belly that is quite refreshing with it’s astringent properties of a raw apple. ( Astringent  can reduce swelling ).

One Raw Apple

Pinch of Cardamom

Fresh ginger 1/8 chunk

1/4 of whole lime juice

1/2 cup water

Blend all ingredients- add more water as needed- can add a pinch of salt ( pink) for hydration.

AND, don’t forget to look at the two FULL MOONS this month!!

A Blue Moon is the second full moon this month on July 31st.
Blue Moon July, 2015

With my best regards and best intentions for a full and luminous life,

Gedalia Genin

Ayurvedic Health Specialist

Energy Healer

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