Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Dear Friends,

As I was looking at the orange/crimson colored gladiolas in the vase on my dining room table I was struck by the patterns of the flowers both in the front and in the back; how a pattern repeated itself all the way to the top with utmost perfection.

Although the pattern was consistent , I marveled at how each flower was just a little different.

It made me think about how in Ayurveda, we are born with a particular pattern of energies that give color  and shape to our physiological and psychological patterns. These patterns however are affected throughout our lives by traumas, core beliefs, habits, false assumptions, fear, prejudice, bias and negative conditioning.

So then I thought, what is “healing”? How do we re- pattern ourselves and experience our own beauty?

In the dictionary, as a verb, the word pattern indicates that ” the brain not only receives information but interprets and patterns it”, therefore forming energy patterns. These energy patterns can affect various  sytems in the body such as digestion, hormones, thinking and so on. This is important to understand . Our beliefs and behaviors then are a result of the patterns we adapted from childhood, from our parents, from our conditioned responses.

I began to contemplate how Marma, the vital energy points that create  “re-patterning” ,  enable you to create positive change in any area of your life where you experience limitation. It allows you to shift what you are resonating with effortlessly. This has been resounding in my testimonials!

Color, sound, oils,meditation all have the power to affect energy patterns that have been created throughout one’s life. Repetition of these practices over time can realign a person with their true nature which is the goal of Ayurveda.

When these energy patterns are in alignment you can experience freedom, vitality, well being, health, creativity.

When out of alignment you feel fatigue, sadness, anxiety, bloatedness,  grief, loss , overweight, stuck and you name it.

As these energy patterns line up, you begin to feel whole.

Successful energy healing will depend on your ability to be aware and sensitive to the inner dynamics of this energy. It is your relationship to this unfolding energy, step by step that will unblock your energy field so that you can experience your own gifts and beauty. Continued energy healing sessions will enhance the process of your own great light bringing about balance and health. In our modern terminology we  call this “anti-ageing” and Marma is just that!

A lightbulb went off for me as this all came together within my being.

I continue to appreciate all of you who are waking up to self care and self awareness. Without it we remain stuck in the negative patterns that do not serve our health and our growth. As women we have so much to share with the world but it all starts from within. I know from my expereince that the outer fixes are simply temporary and only momentarily satisfy the senses. I am speaking here of long term happiness.

Thank you for allowing me to be present with you on your path to wholeness!  I thank my husband for his unconditional love and support and I thank my children for allowing me to be the mother I always wanted to be and for initiating me into the feminine values that I live today.

As I approach my 60th year Aug 4th I can only say that the practices I share with you over time do bring the wealth from inside that we all seek.  I feel the best I ever have in my life on all levels. What a great place to start from!

My best wishes for you as you practice the little things each day that make a big differenc over time! Regularity is key.

with warm regards,

Gedalia Genin

Ayurvedic Health Specialist/ Energy Healer/ Artist

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