Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

 Dear friends,

We all experience grief  and loss at one time or another. From loss of a pet, to a parent, partner, or child, loss in a divorce, move or even body part, these feelings can be very challenging . With our lives busy and full of responsibilities, sadness and grief can get put on the back burner and become unresolved. I see this in my healing practice with women how even a loss from many years ago can create stuck energy in the body today.

I invite you to join my upcoming class focused on grief and loss from a holistic perspective using sound and color as a means to lighten the energy body and feel renewed and refreshed. You will learn :

-The various types fo grief and loss and how they may affect the physiology.

– Identify your grief.

– Toning sounds of the chakras to create balance.

– Coloring mandalas to move and balance energy.

– Finally, a Marma demo utilizing a class attendee to demonstrate how Marma balances the chakras.

** Please note – this class is not set up as a counseling group nor will you be asked to share your personal experience unless you choose to. It is not meant as a group therapy but as way to learn practices that can uplift the mind/body allowing one to deal with grief and loss in  a healthy way.

Location: The Conscious Living Center

Address: 5904 Vaughn Road Canton, GA 30115 

Date:  Sunday August 30, 2015

Time: 3:00 pm-6:00 pm

Fee: $53

RSVP: 770-851-4225 ask for Hope Merrill or you may also register on line at the consciouslivingcenter.org in Canton, Georgia


with warm regards,

Gedalia Genin

Ayurvedic Health Specialist/ Energy Medicine