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I feel really blessed to be able to quickly facilitate such profound changes in women’s lives. See my latest testimonial below.

Breaking the cycle, migraine, hormone, metabolism

AUG 19, 2015  

Gedaliah is the medical intuitive I’ve been seeking for decades. She figured out the pieces of my out of control body immediately, where doctors, specialists, neurologists and endocrinologists have either given me pills that don’t work or sent me home saying its all in my head.

I’ve been having migraine headache’s for most of my life but they have been more severe with menopause. I also struggle with carb cravings, body temperature extremes and fatigue. Aside from the doctors, I’ve tried “eating for health” in every way I could find, vegan, raw, detox, juicing, low carb, paleo etc. I was so confused about how to help myself and worn out from trying.

Gedaliah listened and was able to piece together how to help me with these hormonal and metabolic extremes that were not relieved by hormone replacement or other meds. She gave me an easy to understand diet, its been 3 weeks and all of my issues have eased. It’s hard to believe after seeking help for so many years. Gedaliah clearly saw the whole picture of me as an individual that the medical and diet industry has been missing for years.

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After seeing so many clients I have decided to focus my work on five issues we all have as women:

Stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and hormonal balance.

I am grateful for your referrals! As we each heal ourselves we benefit, our families benefit, our communities benefit , and the greater world will benefit!

You may contact Atlanta Center for Holistic Medicine or reach me at gedaliahdoc@gmail.com.

warm regards,

Gedalia Genin Ph.D

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