Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Dear Friends,
Like the thorns in roses, the bright sun at the beach then the dark clouds, these pairs of opposites are the nature of life.
Like a child who only knows happiness then it falls and gets hurt, only to get back up again.
Grief and Loss become unhealthy when we get stuck in it , just as happiness and joy are fleeting when they come from false things.
Ayurveda offers practices such as meditation, daily rhythms and rituals, yoga postures, eating moderately, breathing deeply that help us find the wisdom of our own soul to guide us with compassion through the daylight and when nighttime falls…. I have found this to be very true in my life. By cultivating this wellspring of strength from within, it serves you well when you need it and even just in daily life.
May this new lunar year bring that wisdom, that inner light of guidance that you may trust and hold as you awaken to your own heart!
 Here’s what one woman said at the recent Grief and Loss class:
“My experience at the Grief and Loss Workshop was an enlightening one. I had no idea how many types of Grief there were. It made me aware of how it can all affect us differently. With the tools that Gedalia introduced to us in the workshop with sound and color, it was a wonderful introduction into learning how these two things can lead to a clearer mind and a path in to accepting what is. And also learning in how they can help others around you who may be suffering from an obvious loss or a hidden one. Gedalia is well informed healer and really has a genuine energy that is there to teach and support each of us.Excellent workshop!” Madaline 
 As the holidays come near more and more people become lonely,have fear, expereince grief, loss and are triggered by childhood wounds. Save the date  for the next Grief and Loss Class on Sunday Nov. 20th @ The Conscious Living Center in Canton, Ga. Details will post soon.
You are also invited to a complimentary class at Atlanta Center for Holistic Medicine on Tuesday Sept 29th entitled: Essential Oils for your Immune System  7pm RSVP ally@atlantaholisticmedicine.com
Don’t miss these special events for you , your family and friends. I look forward to seeing you soon.
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With fierce love,
Gedalia Genin
Ayurvedic Health Specialist