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Approaching the Holidays with Ease –  A Few Tips

Holiday time can be both a dread and a joy. Both with the work involved in entertaining and planning as well as often having to deal with family members who we find challenging, holidays can soon become exhausting.

Consider these tips as you approach the holidays:

  1. Get as many family members ie. husbands to take over some of the lists- or supplement with some catered items to keep it easy.
  2. Go away for the holidays so there is no fuss no mess!
  3. Practice compassion when seeing others.   Visualize ahead of time how you would like the interaction to look.. see the result you want! Remember that they have the same suffering and challenges you do at times .”Taking it personally” out of the equation creates some distance from the emotion. If you encounter a guest who likes to be pampered ask them how they would like to be involved with the event.. they may be acting entitled because they are afraid to ask you how they can help- in other words give people some slack as if it were” you” and how “you” would want to be treated. Remember we all have the same inner needs, to feel loved, to feel needed.
  4. Lastly, join me at Atlanta Center for Holistic Medicine 1407 dresden drive Tues. Nov 10th 7:15pm with some ‘go to’s’ you can pull out for yourself to transform stress when you have those moments! rsvp stephanie.j@atlantaholisticmedicine.com

See you there..  Breathe



Gedalia Genin

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