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Have you been sleeping late in the morning? Getting the munchies at night? Feeling hungry before the normal lunch time?

Ayurveda has an answer to these phases of the day. It’s your Ayurvedic Body Clock.

Here are three tips to be aware of to reset your body clock according to Ayurveda:

  1. 6-10 am is ” Kapha” time meaning if you sleep past 6am you will most likely wake up tired and sluggish and this can also result in weight gain. Because kapha is the densest of energy containing the elements earth and water this heaviness is likely to occur between 6-10am morning and at night from 6-10pm which explains why- a) you may not be hungry in the morning and b) getting to bed by 10pm is ideal . 
  2. Pitta, the element of fire, which  governs metabolism, digestion, absorption is on fire between 11am and 2pm. So if you’re hungry for an early lunch go for it. The heat is on and having your main meal of the day is optimal in this time frame both for energy conversion and weight management. Ayurveda promotes your main meal to be lunch; not dinner, and not breakfast. Now you know why. Also know that Pitta time begins from 10pm -2am . Catching the munchies around 10pm explains why; and staying up late will seem seamless after 10pm. I know it’s hard to implement for some but get to bed by 10! It’s worth your valuable sleep.
  3. Vata time is between the hours of 2pm and 6pm– That’s a time when you may feel revved up and want to write, be creative or get things done. On the other hand many Vata people like myself like to utilize some of that creative energy but at the same time balance and ground by sitting for a cup of tea, applying some essential oils, and engaging in  a short meditation. On a work day an afternoon green tea and a handful of nuts keeps my energy sustained til dinner.

Hope these tips help you to reboot during the winter months when it’s easy to get out of sync .

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