Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders

Dear friends,

I’m inspired to share with you one of Ayurvedic’s rasayanas that is especially beneficial this time of year. What is a “rasayana”?  Like the ultimate vacation ( if you have one in mind), a rasayana is the ultimate tonic preparation that benefits the entire body. It is deeply nourishing to all bodily systems and especially great for cough, asthma and immune weakness this time of year ; effective for  both young and old. The name is  Chyavanprash- a delicious jam steeped with herbs in a base of ghee and honey.

Here are some key benefits to you:

Improves digestion by kindling the digestive fire

-Strengthens immunity and increases strength

-Loaded with Vit C it helps to keep the skin looking youthful

How do you take it? One to two tsp in the morning spread on toast or eaten alone after food.

Like any other herbs best to check with your doctor before taking with other medicines. It is contraindicated with diarhea.

Where do I get it? We carry it @ Atlanta Center for Holistic Medicine  1401 Dresden drive Atlanta 30319. It can be mail ordered should you need.

I remind you to be sure you take a good dose of Vit D daily as by now your body’s reserves usually run out with the lack of sunshine. Check with your doctor for specific dosage.

Please share the bliss!

With warm regards,

Gedalia Genin

Ayurvedic Health Specialist