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This past weekend’s retreat was wonderful with Elizabeth Yates/ Yoga Specialist and the fantastic group of women who participated in north Georgia. I was honored to introduce Ayurveda to the group and to share a”chakra meditation” using sound. Many said they felt their chakras “vibrating” which simply means they were enlivened by the experience. We can now say they are real!

I enjoyed working with Elizabeth. Her dedication and expertise in yoga is admirable.

She is available for private yoga sessions based upon your personal needs or classes at Vista Yoga. You may email her @yogini2001@gmail.com  I highly recommend her style of teaching and she also brings with her great knowledge of yoga philosophy.

The Dahlonega Spa and Resort  had the perfect porch for dining, meeting new friends , enjoying the mountain views and a very special yoga hall for practicing. The food was wonderful.

http://dahlonegasparesort.com  I look forward to more retreats together.

Hope you can join next time.

 Hibiscus tea is a perfect cooling drink for this time of year and the color just makes you feel like you are drinking a flower…. and you are! Just looking at it is scrumptious. (Feels like Hawaii) There is probably a benefit for everyone!( taken from www.organicfacts.com)

Here are just some:

“Pitta” and “Kapha” types can drink it cold if digestion is strong. Vata types might let it cool to room temp.

Reminder:Natural Mint Essential Oil in a Glass Bottle stock photo

Use an essential oil such as “peppermint” to cool and refresh your body/mind.

To apply take one or two drops and apply with a carrier oil like sesame or coconut oil. Rub behind the neck or brain stem . You can even drop some oil on a cotton ball and keep in your car.

Caution:If you are pregnant or nursing refrain from using. Best used in the daytime. Keep away from eye area.

Do not use in children under two or on pets.

I write for Everyday Ayurveda, an online publication spreading Ayurvedic wisdom.  This article was recently posted:


Have a great weekend and thank you for reading and incorporating simple daily practices that accumulate over time to benefit your health and well being.


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