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I’m often asked  “how can I do Ayurveda if I don’t cook”?

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Here is a simple tip that you can use to enhance your food and make it “Ayurvedic.”

It’s called “churna”.  Sounds like “churning” and that’s exactly what it is . Each churna is a mixture of spices specific for your Ayurvedic dosha or constitution. Or you may experiment seasonally with them.

What is unique about food and Ayurveda compared to the “diet models” out there is that when it comes to balance, weight loss, having more energy, good digestion and elimination one of the keys is focusing on which tastes will enhance your health and which ones will create imbalances .

Learn which tastes are optimal for you at one of my thirty minute nutritional consults.

What is medicine for one can be poison for another.

Getting back to spicing up your life… we often get bored with the same foods as they may lack the flavors that can either create a calm, cool or invigorating feeling.

here’s how to choose;

If you are always cold, get constipated, spacey or anxious try using the “vata” churna. If your body feels hot and sticky from the heat then try the “pitta'”churna. If you feel sluggish, sleep a lot, and have difficulty getting moving then try the “kapha” churna. There is also a“tri-doshic” churna meaning good for all!

If you don’t know your dosha take my online quiz @www.gedaliahhealingarts.com on the modalities page then verify with a personal consult!

Below is a resource to order churnas. If you happen to call and speak with Natalie she is a great part of the experience.  Their herbs and spices are all organic.

https://garrysun.com-888-98-Herbs (1-888-984-3727)

(on the main page put in searchbar  vata churna , pitta churna or tri-doshic churna)

Stay tuned for more tips on this subject in the coming weeks.


The “cooling breath” is useful this time of year since the heat is on outside.

Pranayama which is the practice of stabilizing the breath in Ayurveda and yogic practice is helpful for stilling the mind.

The mind and breath are like sister and brother ; one affects the other.

I often hear women say they cannot meditate because their mind is too busy. In the same way you warm up  your body to  exercise; you may warm up or cool down your mind with pranayama.

Ask for a demonstration at your next Marma session…It’s probably the easiest one; great to beat the summer heat.

Hope you  enjoy adding these simple nurturing practices into your lives and we will talk again soon.


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