Ayurvedic Tips and Reminders- Space in the Mind Heals

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I listened to an informative interview this week on Ayurvedic psychology that I’d like to share a few key points from.

Dr. John Douillard from Life Spa in Denver interviewed Dr. David Frawley, doctor of Ayurveda and scholar on the Vedas. Dr. Frawley has written over fifty books and his new one “Ayurvedic Psychology” is out now.

Dr. David Frawley said,

1.“Energy creates space, and in space the mind heals”.

2. The over stimulating times we live in is ultimately leading people to become depressed because the mind gets addicted to needing more and more of that stimulation to get that state. What will happen to our younger generation growing up like this?

3. He encourages people to “live their own life again”; become aware of the senses, breathe and be aware of who you are. Take a little effort to connect daily with oneself.

4. He said to do something to connect with your healing power and find a healer, guide, mentor to help you stay connected to that! 

5. Nature is an “ojas” builder- ojas is the essence of our positive vitality. Ojas is connected to life force- physical, psychological, inner patience,willpower and consciousness. You can then be in control of your life in a stable way he says living with purpose, stillness, balance and openness to transcendence. We lose ojas through doubt, impatience, and being taken away with every stress. Ojas can also come from foods, and herbs.

6. He says life is an opportunity to grow and transform. The more difficult situations make you stronger ( he ha).

7. He says “start at the physical then go to the subtler”. Conserve in a positive way and don’t give attention away to nothing. Cultivate the soil with patience and a grounded lifestyle.

Finally, sleep is when your brain releases it’s toxins. He says sleep is a “doorway to the inner worlds”.

So, this sums it all up; questions about healing, lifestyle and the importance of day to day steps. These are the beliefs I’ve been living and communicating in support of others to transform their lives so we can all live from a better place.

Thank you Dr Douillard and Dr Frawley.

For further reading check out his new book.

Tip about Ayurvedic cooking for non cooks:

Crock pots are easy for non cooks. Basically you put all ingredients in and turn on the switch. The internet or pinterest can guide you with great recipes on one pot meals. I like to use it for cooking lentils and beef stew.

A rice cooker cooks the rice for you and voila, you have a meal. How easy is that?

You’ve also heard about my cooked apples in the crockpot. Great way to get fiber and get things moving; also nice to wake up to the aroma; Bubby’s favorite dish.


Allow your emotions to reveal something to you about yourself that you need to know. When you see it in the light of consciousness, not judgement, let them be tools to take “right” action. In that way transformation occurs. For example; past grief can be a catalyst for a new garden as one woman shared today.

From the book, “The Right Use of Will- Healing and Evolving the Emotional Body”by

Ceanne DeRohan

” People must realize that their feelings expressing as emotions open them to receive Light.” Holding emotions because they are judged unacceptable creates resistance to Light”.

With Red Rose heart stock photo heartfelt wishes for your inner healing.. One petal at a  time.

Gedalia Genin

“transforming women’s emotional health using natural modalities”

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