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According to Ayurveda, the junction of one season to another is the best time to do a cleanse.

In Atlanta, we are approaching that time over the next month.

Here are seven questions to ask yourself :

Do you feel sluggish? or fatigued?

Are you feeling overweight?

Are you constipated or have gas and bloating?

Do you have more belly fat than you’d like? ( now that’s a hard one for any woman to answer no)

Do you have insomnia?

Aches and pains in your body?

Is your tongue coated with white?

If you’ve answered  “YES” to one or more of these questions then it’s time to cleanse.

What’s the best way to cleanse in Ayurveda?

You got it- kitchari. Kitchari is a traditional ayurvedic soup made from yellow split mung beans, basmati rice, spices such as turmeric, cumin, ginger and vegetables in season. The spices are cooked in ghee( clarified butter) then added to the soup.

Kitchari may be eaten from one to three days to five, seven or even up to a few weeks. Best made fresh daily, kitchari is very nourishing and hearty. For some, extra fiber such as psyllium husk is needed at night. Substituting a meal with kitchari would be the plan for this type of cleansing.

I also like to eat “just soup” for a few days at a time just to give my digestion a rest. I’m a big fan of soups for that reason all year and one place I like to go is http://www.cafewestexpress.com/

It’s local,in Buckhead. You may have seen the flyers in my office.

Tammy has a soup cleanse on her website. You simply pick up the soups at her store all packaged ready to go. One of the soups in the cleanse is kitchari and you can try a workout as well while you are there. She is incredibly inspiring!

For a more intense cleanse, I recommend  Dr. John Douillards “Colorado Cleanse” ( see below) which you can do any time or with a group this fall. It is a safe and effective two week home cleanse that will leave you feeling lighter, happier and digesting well again.

If you need a kitchari recipe please email me @ gedaliahdoc@gmail.com or stop into Centre Spring Spa for a kitchari kit( includes all ingredients and recipe) or our new cleanse kit.

Hope you consider using this essential time in nature as it begins to transition to a new season by preparing your body in the same way!

There’s no right or wrong way, just a way that feels in harmony with your lifestyle.

best wishes,

Gedalia Genin

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